On an abnormally sunny bank holiday here in the UK, we decided to take the day to explore the famous Hyde Park. Hyde Park is a royal park in the middle of London that is 350 acres of green space. In it contains many statues, lakes, gardens and even the Kensington Palace.

It has hosted concerts before from Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers to Madonna. In the winter it puts on the Winter Wonderland which has rides and even an ice skating rink!

5 Things to Enjoy in Hyde Park

1. Marble and Wellington Arch

Wellington Arch

There are two separate entrances into Hyde Park. It’s nice to walk by and have a look. The Wellington Arch offers access to the top (included with English Heritage membership). It gives a history about the first Duke of Wellington and his victories in the war against Napoleon. Across the street is Apsley House, the house where Wellington lived, and it’s open for tours.

2. The Serpentine Lake

Swan in the Serpentine Lake

This large lake in Hyde Park is home to many ducks and swan. This body of water is filled with pedal and rowing boats available for rent. There’s a section of the lake reserved for swimming! It’s a romantic place to sit down on the green, people-watch and have a picnic. If you are a member of the Serpentine Swimming Club, you may qualify to take the annual Christmas Day plunge in the icy waters! The event is free to go and see!

3. Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain

This fountain was constructed obviously in remembrance of Princess Diana. It’s a circular flowing fountain with a green space in the middle which you can take your shoes off and enjoy. It’s very difficult to get a picture to show what it actually looks like as it’s so big. But people flocked to it to enjoy the water in the heat.

4. Albert Memorial

Albert Memorial

The memorial was constructed for Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s beloved husband after he passed. Reading about their special relationship is moving. She wore black in mourning for him the rest of her life. We found it interesting that the 4 corners are each decorated with different animals: a camel for Africa, bison for the Americas, an elephant for Asia, and a bull for Europe.

5.  Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is on the far west end of Hyde Park, in the Kensington Gardens. This palace was home to Queen Victoria as a child and to Princess Diana. The gardens were once not open to the public as they are today. Inside is “The Long Water” which is a part of the Serpentine Lake and the Italian Garden fountains, and many other statues.

You really do need about ¾ of a day here to enjoy it fully. Be prepared to do plenty of walking too! How do you think Hyde Park compares to other major parks around the world?

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