Berlin is an amazing place to visit and so full of history. It’s very widespread so you can do the city in sections. The best part is there are so many things to visit and experience without even spending anything! It was a last minute decision to go to Berlin after I passed my overseas nursing exam in the UK. We found a house/cat sit with Trusted Housesitters for a week in Berlin, and decided to take the opportunity to go to Germany’s capital.  We did not regret it! Be sure to check out more on how we stayed a week in Berlin for free here! Below are 9 things we did without spending a dime!

1. East Side Gallery

Ever heard of the Berlin Wall? This wall was the literal division of the east from the west during the Cold War from 1961-1989. The East Side Gallery is painted on the Berlin Wall itself. You can walk down the memorial wall which is the world’s longest open air gallery and enjoy and contemplate the murals.

2. Tiergarten

There are plenty of parks to take a stroll through.  Tiergarten is like New York’s version of Central Park with lots of trails, monuments, a restaurant, Berlin Zoo and even the current residence of the president called Bellevue Palace.

3. Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is famous because it was one of the border crossings during the Cold War of the division in Berlin. There is a paid museum that goes along with Checkpoint Charlie that we did not visit. Today stands a replica of the guardhouse and the real one moved to the Allied Museum in Berlin.

4. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

AKA The Holocaust Memorial. The area outside consists of 2,711 concrete slabs which is to be in remembrance and honor of the up to six million Jewish victims throughout Europe. The memorial is amazing itself but there is a free tear jerking subterranean Information Center underneath.

5. Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate is a huge neoclassical monument that today represents peace and unity which formerly symbolized a divided city.

6. Soviet War Memorial

The Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park is to commemorate the Soviet Union Soldiers that gave their lives during WWII. The whole memorial is massive and serves as a cemetery as well.

7. Topography of Terror

Topography of Terror is an indoor and outdoor museum created to relay the history of National Socialism and its crimes during the Nazi reign of terror. I’d give yourself at least 2 hours to visit this place, everything is placed on a timeline as you walk through.

8. Reichstag Dome

This is Berlin’s parliament building. At the top of this magnificent building is a newly constructed dome that allows visitors to enter for free but you have to book in advance. I had to book a week out and luckily got a spot, so this takes some planning ahead. Be sure to bring your passport with you because you go through security before being allowed to enter. You can book here.

9. Berlin cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is actually not free to go inside, but the outside is incredibly impressive.

Now this is far from the amount of memorials and attractions around Berlin that deserve to be visited but these are the highlights we had the chance and chose to visit.

There are also a few websites you can book free walking tours that are available everyday. We did not do this but would consider it for next time!

Booking a trip soon? Don’t forget to get travel insurance for peace of mind.

What are your favorite free things to do in Berlin? Or which would you be most interested in visiting if it’s your first time in Berlin?


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