London is just great. We try to go into the city as often as possible just to immerse ourselves into the different areas. It’s nice to have a view of London from some kind of observation deck , but even better when it involves food!

We found this show on Netflix called Metropolis and watched the episode for London. Here is where we discovered this restaurant called Duck and Waffles. This is a restaurant on the 40th floor, and open 24 hours! After it being featured in the episode, we really had the desire to check it out. We didn’t really need a reason to visit, but felt Marvin’s birthday was as good excuse as any to make a reservation!

We found a reservation about 3 days in advance, and although most of the slots were taken up, we did find 6:45AM open! This meant waking up at 4AM to catch the train…but how sweet it was! You can book as far as 3 months in advance though through their website.

The restaurant is in the Bishopsgate building, and the entrance is to the right of the main entrance. Just show your reservation and make your way up by elevator. As soon as you get up, you already have a great view.

I got the caramelized banana waffles and Marvin got the actual duck and waffles! We were seated right by the window with the gherkin building (the oddly oval shaped one that is nicknamed gherkin) in view, and the Tower Bridge. Unfortunately there was a bit of a glare from the side we were facing.

We left feeling very full and completely satisfied! Our meal was under £50 for 2 meals, a side, and 2 drinks.

To finish out the morning, we saw a Roman Wall that used to be around London, walked through the Leadenhall Market, and spent some time in the Museum of London. The museum has all about the history of London from the prehistoric era, Roman history, Saxons, and up to the current time of today. It made for a perfect morning out in London.

Also we really enjoyed walking through a lot of interesting architecture.


Have you had a meal in a London skyscraper? Which restaurant do you recommend? What did you think of the view from Duck and Waffles restaurant?

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