Iceland has been my favorite destination still, thus far. The unique mystical landscape keeps us wanting to go back to explore more, and do the Ring Road around the country one day. On our first trip to Iceland, we arrived in the morning and drove straight to the Blue Lagoon. It was the perfect way to start a trip after an overnight flight.

What is the Blue Lagoon?

The Blue Lagoon is a man made pool of water, rich with minerals and heated by a geothermal power plant. It’s like getting in an outdoor jacuzzi in the middle of winter. The milky blue waters of this geothermal spa with fog floating above the water, gives it an unbelievable feel. It is said the waters have rejuvenating and skin healing powers, and there’s even a line of skin products made from it.

Where is it?

As soon as we arrived from our overnight flight, we had our lagoon experience set up for that morning. The Blue Lagoon is only about 20 minutes by car from Keflavik airport, sitting on the Reykjanes peninsula. Read more on our drive around Reykjanes here!

We got our rental car and after taking the drive there, our first impression was that we were on Mars! All the moss covered weird lava rock formations across the land was so bizarre. There are tours and combined packages you can book that will take you there too.

Lagoon Packages

There are different packages you can choose at the Blue Lagoon, but tickets should be booked in advance or you will miss out.  We chose the basic, AKA cheapest, package, which included our entrance and a silica mud mask. At the time we visited there were 4 packages to choose from and a towel was not included in the most basic one. But now, their website are showing 3 packages and towels are included, so that’s convenient. Take a look on their website and see which you prefer!

The Experience

Once you arrive, you enter through the line and go to the locker rooms to change. I noticed when I entered the women’s locker room, nobody seemed to be ashamed to be nude, as I was feeling super awkward. You rinse off before you put your bathing suit on, and then go outside to the freezing temperatures with a wind chill. But the best part, was entering 100 degree Fahrenheit (about 38 Celsius) water!

The lagoon was pretty packed, it being a big tourist hit, but there are different areas to float around without feeling claustrophobic. You can stay as long as you like once you are in as well, but once you leave, it is over. There’s a swim up bar that you can purchase drinks and where you can apply the mud mask. That’s why getting there as early as possible is best because less people are likely to be there.

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It was the perfect way to begin our trip in Iceland and I do want to revisit the Blue Lagoon! Would you visit the lagoon? What’s your favorite thing to do in Iceland?

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